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May 2021: AOM HR Division Award Winners

The Human Resources Division logoCIHRS is the sponsor for the Academy of Management HR Division annual award for the best International HRM Scholarly Research Paper published in the previous year. We are pleased to announce that the 2021 winners are Thomas Rockstuhl (Nanyang Technological University), Robert Eisenberger (University of Houston), Lynn M. Shore (Colorado State University), James N. Kurtessis (Department of Homeland Security), Michael T. Ford (University of Alabama), Louis C. Buffardi (George Mason University), and Salar Mesdaghinia (Western Michigan University) for their paper: Perceived Organizational Support (POS) Across 54 Nations: A Cross-cultural Meta-analysis of POS Effects, published in Journal of International Business Studies, 51, 933-962.

Congratulations to these authors on their research excellence in international human resource management!

May 2021: Virtual IHRM Paper Development Workshop

Virtual PDW

CIHRS is organizing a virtual IHRM paper development workshop to be held via Zoom on May 21st, 2021 (9 am – 1 pm Eastern USA). The workshop will be limited to accepting twenty papers as it will be a very focused event, designed to assist particularly junior IHRM scholars to develop their publication ideas at a time when our usual conference interactions are limited. Full details can be found here.


May 2020: International HRM Research Award Announced

The Human Resources Division logo

The International HRM Scholarly Research Award is presented to the author(s) of the most significant article in international HRM on a yearly basis. Research excellence in international human resource management is unique because of its intersection among multiple fields of management. This award is sponsored by our CIHRS.

This year, the award winners are Maria del Carmen Triana (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Mevan Jaysinghe (Michigan State University), Jenna R. Pieper (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Dora Maria Delgado (Northside Independent School District), and Mingxiang Li (Florida Atlantic University) for their paper: Perceived Workplace Gender Discrimination and Employee Consequences: A Meta-analysis and Complementary Studies Considering Country Context, published in Journal of Management, 45, 2419-2447.

This award, as well as others, offered by the Human Resources (HR) division of the Academy of Management (AOM) was selected by a committee co-chaired by Julie I. Hancock (University of North Texas), Kaifeng Jiang (The Ohio State University), and Karina van de Voorde (Tilburg University). Click here to see the full announcement from AOM's HR division.

September 2019: Visiting Scholar from St John's University, New York

Sven HorakDr. Sven Horak is visiting CIHRS from September to December 2019. Sven teaches and researches in the field of international management and organization at The Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St. John's University in New York City. His research interests focus on questions of relevance for global leaders, especially expatriate managers, and organizational developers with a global perspective. His recent studies have addressed, among others, expatriate performance and adjustment issues, the dynamics of formal-informal institutional interactions and their co-evolution in transitional as well as advanced economies, challenges to social responsibility and sustainability, and questions concerning ethical behavior within informal social network structures in an international business context. 

Aug 2019: AOM HR Division Award Winners

CIHRS is the sponsor for the Academy of Management HR Division annual award for the best International HRM Scholarly Research Paper published in the previous year. Many congratulations to the very deserving winners of the 2019 award: Sabrina Volpone, Dennis Marquardt, Wendy Casper, and Derek Avery for "Minimizing cross-cultural maladaptation: How minority status facilitates change in international acculturation" in Journal of Applied Psychology!

March 2019: Visiting Professor from Tilburg University, The Netherlands

Professor Jaap Paauwe joined CIHRS as a visiting professor from March-August 2019. Dr. Paauwe is Professor of Organization and Human Resource Management at Tilburg University (The Netherlands); Honorary Professor at the Departamento de Organización de Empresas y Marketing, Universidad  Pablo de Olavide (Spain); and Extraordinary Professor in the School of Human Resources Sciences at the Potchefstroom Campus of North-West University (South Africa).

Since completing his Ph.D. at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1989, Jaap has contributed some thirty years to the HRM academic profession. Throughout this time, he has published more than 200 papers/chapters in international refereed journals and books and edited/written seventeen books. In 2012, Jaap was ranked fifteenth in the shortlist of the top 20 most influential thinkers in HR. 

Dec 2018: Ricci Wang working with CIHRS

RicciRicci joined CIHRS this semester as a Graduate Assistant, supporting the research activities of the Center. Ricci (Ruixin) Wang is a second-year graduate student in the Penn State HRER program. Originally from China, she finished her undergraduate education at Penn State with a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management and a minor in Labor and Employment Relations. After finding herself greatly passionate about Human Resources, Ricci decided to continue to pursue a Master's degree in HRER at Penn State with which she has built a strong bond. This semester, Ricci's work is mainly focused on analyzing data collected from different countries on employee engagement using SPSS. Next semester, she will continue to be involved in the activities of the Center and help organize the biennial Global Conference of IHRM in May 2019.

Fall 2018 - Summer 2019: Visiting Doctoral Student from Renmin University, China

Jia (Jasmine) Wang, Ph.D. candidate, is visiting CIHRS from the fall of 2018 to the summer of 2019. Jia Wang is a doctoral student at the School of Labor and Human Resources, Renmin University of China. She completed her Master’s in Educational Studies at the University of Glasgow, UK.

Jia's research focuses on HRM practices, leadership and job characteristics. She is particularly interested in the relationship between HRM practices and employee well-being from the perspective of job demands and job resources. She is also interested in understanding the impact of paradoxical leadership on employee outcomes. She is currently conducting research at CIHRS under the supervision of Dr. Elaine Farndale.

Sept 2018: Fulbright Visiting Scholar to Study Diversity and Inclusion Management

Dr. Andri Georgiadou joined CIHRS as a Fulbright visiting scholar from September to December 2018. Dr. Andri Georgiadou is an Adjunct Professor at the Cyprus University of Technology. She obtained her DBA focusing on diversity management from the London Metropolitan University in the UK (2014) and worked as an Assistant Professor in Human Resource Management and Program Director for the MSc in Global Business at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK for three years before returning to Cyprus.

Andri’s research focuses on equality, diversity, and inclusion at work from comparative, relational and interdisciplinary perspectives. She is a recipient of the 2014 Graduate Scholar Award for Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations, and was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to conduct research at Penn State in Fall 2018. Andri has served as chair/member of many scientific committees at international conferences. In 2018, she established the Equality, Inclusion and Diversity Center (EQUIDY).

Aug 2018: AOM HR Division Award Winners

CIHRS is the sponsor for the Academy of Management HR Division annual award for the best International HRM Scholarly Research Paper published in the previous year. We are pleased to announce that the 2018 winner is ... Farndale, E., Ligthart, P., Poutsma, E., & Brewster, C. J. (2017). The effects of market economy type and foreign MNE subsidiaries on the convergence and divergence of HRM. Journal of International Business Studies, 48(9), 1065–1086. Two of the award winners (Elaine Farndale and Chris Brewster) are pictured here after CIHRS' Bora Kwon presented them with the award.


Stan Gully Student Development Program - Seeking Donations

As we all know, Professor Stan Gully was a remarkably gifted and generous man who focused his substantial academic talents in many areas, but nothing was more important to him than the development of his students as thinkers and leaders. The School of Labor and Employment Relations at Penn State proposes to honor Stan’s memory by creating the Stan Gully Student Development ProgramRead more here...


IHRM Case competition team ready!

Rocco van der Mark, Aniruddah Ramichandra, Jaeyoon Lee and Michael Newman (pictured left to right, front row), all students in the HRER graduate program at Penn State, are on their way to Minnesota to compete in the 2017 Carlson International Human Resources Case Competition taking place on Nov 9-11. Read more here... 


CIHRS mourns the passing of Stan Gully

The School is very sad to report that Stan Gully (PhD Michigan State University, 1997), Professor of Human Resource Management in our School, passed away unexpectedly on October 9th, 2017.  Professor Gully made a significant contribution in the three years he was a member of our faculty, as well as to the fields of HRM and Organizational Behavior. Professor Gully was made a Fellow of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in 2014, as well as having been ranked by the Academy of Management in 2012 in the top 50 of the most influential scholars who received their degrees since 1991. His publication record includes a range of articles in top journals such as Personnel Psychology,  Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice,  Journal of Organizational BehaviorJournal of Applied Psychology, and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. Professor Gully also co-authored books with Professor Jean Phillips, including the popular titles ‘Strategic Staffing’, Human Resource Management’, and Organization Behavior: Tools for Success’. Perhaps most of all, Stan was known for his role as a mentor and life coach to many of his students. He was dearly loved and respected by colleagues and students alike. A memorial service is being planned and further details will be posted on the LER School website as soon as they are available.

Aug 2017: AOM HR Division Award Winners

CIHRS is the sponsor for the Academy of Management HR Division annual award for the best International HRM Scholarly Research Paper published in the previous year. We are pleased to announce that the 2017 winner is ... Zhu, J., Wanberg, C. R., Harrison, D. A., & Diehn, E. W. (2016). Ups and downs of the expatriate experience? Understanding work adjustment trajectories and career outcomes. Journal of Applied Psychology101(4), 549. Two of the award winners (Jing Zhu and Erika Diehn) are pictured here after CIHRS' Elaine Farndale presented them with the award.

We would also like to congratulate the finalists for the award:

Edwards, T., Sánchez-Mangas, R., Jalette, P., Lavelle, J., & Minbaeva, D. (2016). Global standardization or national differentiation of HRM practices in multinational companies? A comparison of multinationals in five countries. Journal of International Business Studies47(8), 997-1021.

Harzing, A. W., Pudelko, M., & Sebastian Reiche, B. (2016). The bridging role of expatriates and inpatriates in knowledge transfer in multinational corporations. Human Resource Management55(4), 679-695.


July 2017: Dr Bora Kwon joins the CIHRS team as a Post-Doctoral Scholar

Dr Bora Kwon joined CIHRS as a Post-Doctoral Scholar for the academic year 2017/18. Bora completed her Ph.D. in Workforce Education and Development at the Pennsylvania State University in 2017. Her dissertation deals with employee voice practices and perceptions influenced by organizational contexts and cultural values. Bora’s areas of interest and research include: international HRM; HRM and organizational culture/climates; global talent management; and employee voice. Her publications include: 

Kwon, B., Farndale, E., & Park, J. G. (2016). Employee voice and work engagement: Macro, meso and micro-level drivers of convergence? Human Resources Management Review, 26(4), 327-337. 

Choi, J., Kim, A., Han, K., Ryu, S., Park, J. G., & Kwon, B. (2017). Antecedents and consequences of satisfaction with work-family balance: A moderated mediation model. Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Kim, W., Park, J. G., & Kwon, B. (2017). Work engagement in South Korea: Validation of the Korean version 9-item Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES-K). Psychological Reports. 120(3), 561-578.

Kim, W. H., Ra, Y., Park, J. G., & Kwon, B. (2017). Role of burnout on job level, job satisfaction, and task performance. Leadership and Organization Development Journal. 38(5), 630-645.


May 2017: Practitioner/Academia Seminar held in New York City

CIHRS ran its first Practitioner/Academia Seminar ‘Addressing Multinational Challenges of Talent Management in Emerging Economies’ on May 18, 2017 hosted by St John’s University in Manhattan, New York. Over fifty industry executives and academic scholars attended this complementary seminar, which was a unique opportunity to hear from renowned experts in the field of global talent management and emerging economies. The speakers, Mr Kevin Owens (Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Siemens PLM Software), Mr Gregory M. Garger (Executive Director, Labor & Employee Relations, Textron), Mr Rafael Colorado (Global Product Director Cloud Client Computing, Dell), Professor Mary Yoko Brannen (University of Victoria, Canada), Professor David Collings (Dublin City University, Ireland), and Dr Maria Beamond (CIHRS) shared cutting-edge thinking, research and practice on the issues affecting talent management for globally-operating organizations. Elaine Farndale and members in front of CIHRS poster

The 3rd Global Conference on International Human Resource Management was held on May 18-20, 2017 hosted by St John’s University in Manhattan, New York. This followed the success of the 1stand 2nd Global Conference held in May 2013 and 2015 respectively at Penn State (University Park, PA). Our 2017 conference attracted over 85 scholars from 25 countries carrying out research in the field of international human resource management (IHRM). Some 65 papers were presented covering a broad range of IHRM topics, including: cross-cultural values; global careers; HRM in multinational corporations; knowledge management; global diversity challenges; HRM in emerging economies; millennials across cultures; global talent management; global leadership; expatriate management; cross-national perspectives on IHRM; and high performance work systems in different country contexts.

Delegates were delighted to be able to hear keynote speeches from two leading scholars in the field. Professor Mary Yoko Brannen (Jarislowsky East Asia (Japan) Chair at The Centre for Asia-Pacific Initiatives and Professor of International Business at the University of Victoria, Canada) gave a highly engaging presentation on “Learning from the Other: IHRM and the New Demographic”, drawing from her research on biculturals. David Collings (Professor of Human Resource Management and co-director of the Leadership & Talent Institute at Dublin City University, Ireland) was equally inspiring, helping us to move our thinking forward in the field of global talent management, with his presentation entitled “Global Talent Management: Progress and Prospects”. In addition, delegates were able to engage with practitioners in the field in a seminar focused on “Addressing Multinational Challenges of Talent Management in Emerging Economies”, as well as enjoying a lively publishing workshop for IHRM academics.

The conference was supported by the School of Labor and Employment Relations at Penn State, as well as receiving sponsorship from a leading HRM academic journal, the International Journal of Human Resource Management, a prominent publisher Taylor & Francis, as well as Rutgers University. The Organizing Committee included Elaine Farndale and Maria Beamond in the School of Labor and Employment Relations, as well as Sven Horak, Assistant Professor at St John’s University.

Photos from the conference can be viewed on the CIHRS Facebook page here.


January 2017: Visiting Faculty from China to Study Talent Management and Leadership

Professor Shiyong Xu has joined CIHRS as a visiting scholar from January to December 2017. During his stay, he is conducting research funded by a scholarship from the China Scholarship Council (CSC), which will explore the career development and management of middle-level managers in China.

Dr. Xu is a Professor at the School of Labor Relation and Human Resources (SLHR), Renmin University of China (RUC). After gaining his bachelor’s degree majoring in mathematics, he joined the School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University where he earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in 1999 and 2002 respectively. During that period, Shiyong was awarded outstanding Ph.D. candidate student, and part of his Ph.D. dissertation was published in Chinese Science Bulletin, one of the top journals in China.

Dr. Xu began his career as an Assistant Professor in 2002. He is now the Secretary-General of Beijing Behavior Sciences Society and the Vice Director of the Center for HRD at SLHR. Dr. Xu has previously visited the Psychology Department at the University of South Florida from April to September in 2006.

Dr. Xu’s areas of interest and research include: talent management; career development; recruitment and selection; ethical leadership; counterproductive work behavior; and international HRM. Shiyong has presented numerous papers at international conferences and has published articles and chapters in the academic press, such as Journal of Business and PsychologyLeadership & Organization Development JournalChinese Journal of Management (in Chinese Text), Management World (in Chinese Text); and Frontier Business Research of China (in Chinese Text).


Aug 2016: Dr Maria Beamond joins the CIHRS team as a Post-Doctoral Scholar

Dr Maria Beamond joined CIHRS as a Post-Doctoral Scholar for the academic years 2016/17 and 2017/18. Maria completed her PhD (specialization in talent management, multinationals and emerging markets) at the Business School, University of Queensland, Australia. Based on insights from her extensive interdisciplinary background, Maria's research bridges the academic/practitioner international HRM discipline. Currently, Maria is finalizing several papers for academic publication from her PhD dissertation: "Translation of Corporate Talent Management Strategies Across Subsidiaries in Emerging Economies". Maria's work has been published in the Journal of World Business:

Beamond, M., Farndale, E., & Hartel, C. (2016). MNE translation of corporate talent management strategies to subsidiaries in emerging economies. Journal of World Business51(4), 499–510.



August 2016: AOM HR Division Award Winners

CIHRS is the sponsor for the Academy of Management HR Division annual award for the best International HRM Scholarly Research Paper published in the previous year. We congratulate the 2016 winner: Jiang, Y., Colakoglu, S., Lepak, D. P., Blasi, J. R., & Kruse, D. L. (2015). Involvement work systems and operational effectiveness: Exploring the moderating effect of national power distance. Journal of International Business Studies, 46(3), 332-354. Two of the award winners (Jiang and Lepak) are pictured here with CIHRS' Elaine Farndale who presented the award.


May 2016: Students study abroad in Sweden

LER497F Human Resource Management: The Swedish Experience. This 3-credit course for School of Labor and Employment Relations undergraduate and graduate students (being offered collaboratively with the Department of Health Policy and Administration) provides a global perspective on HRM. Sweden is particularly interesting country as its social welfare society stands in contrast to many of the approaches taken to HRM in the US. The course involved classroom preparation time followed by ten days in country. During the study abroad trip, students visited Jönköping University, Gothenburg University, IKEA, Husqvarna, Volvo and the Swedish Department of Agriculture.  Read the student blogs from the study trip here:


You can read more about the course here as well as the article that appeared in Penn State News.


 April 2016: Student award to dedicated CIHRS member

Saahir Shafi was a 2016 proud recipient of the Chartwell Award in the School of Labor and Employment Relations. This award is given to outstanding graduate students who are enrolled in the M.S. in Human Resources and Employment Relations, who have achieved superior academic records or who manifest promise of outstanding academic success. Saahir demonstrated her outstanding academic ability as a Graduate Assistant working with CIHRS from 2014-2016.

CIHRS would like to thank Saahir for her amazing contribution to the Center!

(Pictured with the School Head, Professor Paul Clark.)


Mar 2016: CIHRS Esprit Award

Lisa Pierson, who provides the administrative support (and so much more!) to CIHRS, received recognition of all her hard work and dedication to the School of Labor and Employment Relations. In the 2016 awards presented by the College of Liberal Arts at Penn State, Lisa received the Esprit Award, in recognition of her outstanding attitude and enthusiasm, promoting cooperation and a positive work climate, and her undeniable ability to make the best of any situation or circumstance!

We thank Lisa for all of her hard work!


Feb 2016: CIHRS faculty receives prestigious honor

Professor Jean Phillips has been named a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP).  "This prestigious honor is in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the field and awarded to only a few select recipients."  Jean was inducted at the SIOP Meeting in April 2016. 

Well done Jean!



Oct 2015: American businesses relied on technology to buoy firms during crisis

The latest findings from the U.S. data collection for the Cranet Survey of HRM Practices and Policies have been released. Data from human resources departments across the country suggest that U.S. businesses recovered from the recent financial crisis by leaning on technology to ride out the upheaval.You can read the full press release here. Find out more about the Cranet project and CIHRS' role here.


Aug 2015: Dr Rikki Nouri joins CIHRS as a Post-Doctoral Scholar

Dr Rikki Nouri joined CIHRS as a Post-Doctoral Scholar for the academic year 2015/16. Rikki received her Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in 2014. Her dissertation research deals with creativity in a cross-cultural and global context.

Dr Nouri takes an interdisciplinary perspectives in her work to achieve a better understanding of the facets of creativity and how to promote creativity. She also seeks to promote interracial and cross-cultural understanding and to reduce stigmatized and stagnant attitudes between different ethnic groups. Integrating across these goals, Rikki studies the role of creative thinking in negotiations towards conflict resolution.

Rikki's main areas of interests are creativity and innovation, culture, cross-cultural and global management, and empathy. Her publications include:

Nouri, R., Erez, M., Lee, C., Liang, J., Bannister, B. & Chiu, W. (in press) Social context: key to understanding culture’s effects on creativity, Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Nouri, R., Erez, M., Rockstuhl, T., Ang. S., Leshem L., & Rafaeli, A. (2013) Taking the Bite Out of Culture: The Impact of Task Structure and Task Type on Overcoming Impediments to Cross-Cultural Team Performance. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 34 (6), 739-763. 

Erez, M., Lisak, A., Harush, R., Glikson, E., Nouri, R., & Shokef, E. (2013) Going Global: Developing Management Students’ Global Characteristics through a Multicultural Team Project. Academy of Management Learning and Education, 12 (3), 330-355. 

Erez, M., & Nouri, R., (2010). Creativity: The Influence of Cultural, Social, and Work Contexts. Management Organizational Review, 6 (3), 351-370. 


Aug 2015: AOM HR Division Award Winners

CIHRS is the sponsor for the Academy of Management HR Division annual award for the best International HRM Scholarly Research Paper published in the previous year. We are pleased to announce that the 2015 winner is ... "A Meta-Analysis of Country Differences in the High-Performance Work Systems-Business Performance Relationship: The Roles of National Culture and Managerial Discretion." Journal of Applied Psychology, (2014), 99(6): 1011-1041. Authors: Tanja Rabl (Technische U. Kaiserslautern), Mevan Jayasinghe (Michigan State U.), Barry Gerhart (U. of Wisconsin), and Torsten Kühlmann (Bayreuth U.).

We would also like to congratulate the finalists for the award:

Hong Ren, Margaret A. Shaffer, David A. Harrison, Carmen Fu, & Katherine M. Fodchuk: “Reactive Adjustment or Proactive Embedding? Multistudy, Multiwave Evidence for Dual Pathways to Expatriate Retention” Personnel Psychology (2014)

Brady M. Firth, Gilad Chen, Bradley L. Kirkman, & Kwanghyun Kim: “Newcomers Abroad: Expatriate Adaptation during Early Phases of International Assignments” Academy of Management Journal (2014)



Apr 2015: Career Development Award for Center member

Dr Helen Liu, Assistant Professor in the School of Labor and Employment Relations and member of CIHRS, is the proud recipient of the 2015 Center for Global Studies (CGS) Career Development Award for her project "More than a temporary challenge: The characteristics and outcomes of contingent work in China".  Penn State’s Center for Global Studies awards prizes of up to $2,000 annually to support the professional development of Liberal Arts ABD doctoral students and early career faculty on a tenure track through international research and travel.

Congratulations Dr Liu!


Sept 2014: Visiting Faculty from Turkey to Study Employer Attractiveness

Dr Dinçer Atli joined CIHRS as a post-doctoral visiting scholar for the 2014/15 academic year. During his stay, he is conducting a study funded by a scholarship from TUBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey). The research will explore the effects of symbolic and instrumental attributes on employer attractiveness by comparing Turkish and US media companies.

Dr Atli is an Assistant Professor at Uskudar University, Turkey. After finishing High School, he enrolled at the communications faculty at Istanbul University. While pursuing his studies, he worked as a project assistant in one of Turkey’s leading communication companies. After graduation, he enrolled at Istanbul University where he gained his M.A. in Economics in 2005, majoring in Corporate Culture and its impacts in Turkey. After completing his military service he worked as an HR specialist for Turkcell Group, and completed his PhD at Marmara University. During this time, Dinçer was awarded a scholarship from the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) for being the highest ranked student during his master’s education. His  PhD thesis (Human Resource Management's New Vision: Talent Management and Research on Media Companies), the first in Turkey to focus on the subject of Talent Management, was submitted in 2010. Dr. Atli’s  enhanced PhD dissertation was published in 2012 as a book which was the first of its kind regarding Talent Management in Turkey (2nd edition 2013). He gained experience abroad in Germany, being invited as a guest lecturer through the ERASMUS teaching mobility program at the University of Trier and Ruhr West University of Applied Sciences in 2012 and 2013. 

Dr. Atli’s research papers on Talent Management and Employer Attractiveness have been published in leading peer-reviewed academic journals in Turkey. He has also been frequently invited by several national TV and radio stations as well as newspapers to speak on the subject of talent management. Dinçer's research interests include human resources, talent management, corporate culture, employer branding, employer attractiveness, media organizations, social media and virtual worlds.