Alumni Board

Alumni Board

The LER Alumni Board of Directors, formerly the LER Alumni Program Group, was created by our alumni to enhance and enrich the experience of students enrolled in the school’s undergraduate and graduate programs. The school has long been known as a student-centered program that works hard to build a sense of community between students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Graduates of our program value the experience they had while they were LER students, and they want to ensure that students who come after them will have a similarly positive experience. The alumni board is at the heart of the lifelong connection that many students have with the school and the University as a whole.

The mission of the LER Alumni Board of Directors is to:

  • Actively engage with students on and off-campus in various career-oriented events, such as career fairs, practice interview sessions, job site visits, etc.;
  • Partner with the LER staff on course content ideas, guest lecture opportunities, access to research, and obtaining resources for LER programs;
  • Help build a professional network that supports graduates of the program during their career;
  • Provide students access to career opportunities, both internships, and full-time employment, at alumni member companies, unions, and other organizations, and through networking with alumni;
  • Offer students and graduates one-on-one coaching and mentoring experiences.

While we consider all graduates of the School of LER’s degree programs to be members of the LER Alumni Board of Directors, the alumni board consists of alumni who have volunteered to work actively on behalf of the alumni board to help it pursue its mission.

Any LER or HRER graduate is eligible to serve on the board. The alumni board has established a membership process to fill board positions. For more information on that process, contact any member of the LER Alumni Board of Directors or Director Elaine Farndale.