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“I’ve been assigned an investigation

What do I do first? Second? Etc.?”

An investigation is the systematic collection of facts for the purpose of describing and explaining what occurred.

As a participant in this course, you will:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of standards of conduct governing the proper collection of facts.
  • Practice critical skills associated with the systematic collection of facts, including interviewing and statement-taking skills.
  • Sharpen the ability to assess the credibility of collected facts to draw valid conclusions.


And you will know what to do first, second, etc.!

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The Arbitration DVD

“Labor Arbitration – The Suspension of Nurse Kevin” is a film produced by the School in conjunction with the National Academy of Arbitrators. Arbitration is a critical part of American employment relations. Instructors show students the nuances and subtleties of the arbitration process through observation.  Reenactment is a valuable teaching tool for students unable to attend a hearing.