Sumita Raghuram

Sumita Raghuram

Associate Professor Emeritus, Human Resource Management
508D Keller Building

Curriculum Vitae

Sumita Raghuram


PhD: University of Minnesota, Human Resources

Research Interests

HR and Technology, Virtual work, International HRM, Future of Work

Professional Bio

Sumita Raghuram is an Associate Professor of Human Resource Management and LER Undergraduate Officer.

Raghuram's teaching and research interests include topics within Human Resource Management (Selection and Training; Performance Management; Employee Engagement; Employee Identities and Change; Distributed Work; Leadership and Culture; Cross-cultural Management and Employee Turnover).

Specifically, Raghuram's research focuses on use of technology for work and work lives of technology workers. She has received multiple grants to support her research. This research has been published in Personnel Psychology, Human Relations, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Information Systems Research, Journal of Management, Organization Science and Human Resource Management.

Raghuram's visiting appointments include: Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), Indian School of Business (Hyderabad), Bologna Business School (Italy), University of Sydney (Australia). She also provides HR consulting to IT companies in India and USA.

Links to papers:

  1. Boundaryless LMX: Examining LMX's impact on external career outcomes and alumni goodwill.
  2. On theory, technique and text: guidelines and suggestions on publishing International Human Resource Management Research.
  3. Identities on call: Impact of impression management on Indian call center agents
  4. Mapping the Field of Virtual Work: A Cocitation Analysis
  5. Communication Patterns as Determinants of Organizational Identification in a Virtual Organization
  6. Organizational identification among virtual workers: the role of need for affiliation and perceived work-based social support
  7. Factors contributing to virtual work adjustment