Elaine Hui

Elaine Hui

Assistant Professor of Labor and Employment Relations and Asian Studies

501B Keller Building
University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone: (814) 865-0066

Curriculum Vitae

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  1. PhD: University of Kassel, Germany, Economics and Social Sciences

Research Interests:

China, migrant workers, labor NGOs, civil society, trade unions, strikes, the state, and hegemony


Elaine holds a PhD in Economics and Social Sciences from the University of Kassel, Germany. Her research expertise lies in labor relations in post-socialist China, specializing in the role of the state and laws in labor relations, worker collective actions and their impact on work-related institutional arrangements (e.g. collective bargaining and trade unions), and labor-related civil society actors. She has also researched on labor relations in Vietnam, including the pension system and strikes, and labor non-governmental organizations. She has published in peer-reviewed journals such as British Journal of Industrial Relations, China Quarterly, Journal of Industrial Relations, and Journal of Contemporary Asia. She recently published the book Hegemonic Transformation: The State, Laws, and Labour Relations in Post-Socialist China (http://bit.ly/Hegemonic_transformation)


Career Development Award, the Center for Global Studies, Penn State (2018)

Citation of Excellence award, Emerald Group Publishing Limited (2015).

Research grant:

“China’s Labor NGOs under Xi Jinping” funded by Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange (US$ 16,000)

Recent publications

Hui, E. S. I. (2018). Hegemonic Transformation: The State, Laws, and Labour Relations in Post-Socialist China. New York: Palgrave Macmillan (http://bit.ly/Hegemonic_transformation)

Chan, C.K.C., & Hui, E. S. I. (2017). Bringing Class Struggles Back: A Marxian analysis of the state and class relations in China. Globalizations, 14(2), 232-244.

Hui, E. S. I. (2017). Putting the Chinese State in Its Place: A March from Passive Revolution to Hegemony. Journal of Contemporary Asia, 47(1), 66-92.

Hui, E. S. I., & Chan, C.K.C. (2016). The influence of Overseas Business Associations on Law-making in China: A Case Study. The China Quarterly(225), 145-168.

Hui, E. S. I. (2016). The Labour Law System, Capitalist Hegemony and Class Politics in China. The China Quarterly (226), 431-455.

Hui, E. S. I., & Chan, C.K.C (2015). Going beyond the Union-Centred Approach: A Critical Evaluation of Recent Trade Union Elections in China. British Journal of Industrial Relations, 53(3), 601-627.

Chan, C. K. C. & Hui, E. S. I. (2014). The Development of Collective Bargaining in China: From ‘Collective Bargaining by Riot’ to ‘Party State-led Wage Bargaining. The China Quarterly (217), 221-242.

Chan, C.K.C. & Hui, E. S. I. (2014). The politics of labour legislation in southern China: How foreign chambers of commerce and government agencies influence collective bargaining laws. International Labour Review, 153(4), 587-607.

Chan, C.K.C & Hui, E. S. I. (2012). The Dynamics and Dilemma of Workplace Trade Union Reform in China: The Case of the Honda Workers' Strike. Journal of Industrial Relations(54), 653-668. (This article won the 2015 Citation of Excellence award by the Emerald Group Publishing Limited)

Hui, E. S. I. & Chan, C.K.C. (2012). The ‘Harmonious Society’ as a Hegemonic Project: Labour Conflicts and Changing Labour Policies in China. Labour, Capital and Society, 44(2), 154-183.