2021 Global Conference on IHRM



20 - 22 May 2021

5th Global Conference on International Human Resource Management

 Hosted by: St John's University, New York NY, USA

 Organized by: The Pennsylvania State University



Keynote Speakers:

Professor Nancy J. Adler

(S. Bronfman Professor Emerita in Management at McGill University in Montreal, Canada)


Nancy Adler


Professor Wayne F. Cascio

(Distinguished University Professor at the University of Colorado & Robert H. Reynolds Chair in Global Leadership at the University of Colorado Denver, USA)




The International HRM field is broad and expanding, incorporating many disciplines including cross-cultural management, comparative HRM, and strategic international HRM. Practice and research are focused on understanding why certain HRM activities fit a given national context or exploring how a multinational enterprise balances the global/local paradox in managing its workforce. The first four biennial Global Conferences on IHRM held since 2013 have helped to broaden our knowledge. Yet there is still more to learn…!

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More information will be added here later in 2020, so please come back and visit us soon!