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The School of Labor and Employment Relations offers a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree in two exciting areas of study.

Labor and Human Resources

In the fall 2019 semester, the Labor and Employment Relations (LER) major changed its name to Labor and Human Resources (LHR). Both LER and LHR majors are now working toward completing their degrees, but going forward, all new majors will be admitted as LHR. This change was introduced to reflect students’ growing interest in the field of human resource management alongside a traditional interest in labor and employment relations topics.

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in Labor and Human Resources allow students to study the work from a range of perspectives. The degrees provide opportunities to learn about the ways in which organizations structure the recruitment and selection, talent management and development, human resource management, as well as compensation and benefits organizations use to recruit and retain employees. Employment law provides an intense study of the statutes, regulations and legal decisions that govern the work. Students are also able to study the history of labor organizations created to represent workers, and the current law governing labor and management relations. And throughout the programs, students have the opportunity to understand work in the context of the global economy and the types of issues that emerge related to global workers’ rights.

Residential - University Park

Bachelor of Arts – Labor and Human Resources

Bachelor of Science – Labor and Human Resources


Bachelor of ArtsLabor and Human Resources

Bachelor of ScienceLabor and Human Resources

Organizational Leadership

Every occupation in every industry requires managers and supervisors with exceptional leadership skills. Whether working as first-line supervisors in healthcare, middle managers in industry, or program coordinators in government (or in comparable positions in any other field), incumbents must exhibit leadership that inspires stakeholders to achieve desired organizational objectives. To achieve these objectives, employers are looking for individuals who exhibit strengths in ethical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, critical thinking, sound judgment, decision making, listening, and conflict management. The rapidly growing global environment requires those skills to be applicable to diverse situations throughout the world. An education in organizational leadership can provide a range of perspectives to prepare you for the complex social, cultural and professional issues that you will encounter in modern leadership positions.


Bachelor of ArtsOrganizational Leadership

Bachelor of ScienceOrganizational Leadership

Integrated Programs

The School of Labor and Employment Relations also offers several integrated programs both online and at our University Park campus.

Our most popular integrated program is the residential five-year Bachelor of Science in Labor and Employment Relations / Master of Science in Human Resources and Employment Relations.

We also offer an integrated online Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Human Resources and Employment Relations and Bachelor of Science in Labor and Employment Relations (Integrated Five-Year Program).

Beyond those listed above, opportunities for residential students interested in integrated programs include:

Study Abroad with LHR

Imagine spending a semester “down under” at a University in Australia, Dublin, or South Africa. These cities and countries offer dynamic histories, beautiful landscapes, and the opportunity to expand one’s understanding of LER in a global context.