The Labor School


The LABOR School
503 Keller Building
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802

EMAIL: laborschool@psu.edu
TEL: 814-867-2287

The Labor School

The LABOR School is Penn State’s outreach program to the Pennsylvania labor movement, providing low-cost education and training programs for workers and their organizations throughout the state.

We offer multi-union programs designed to promote recognition of the shared challenges facing workers, as well as special events and workshops on current issues. In addition, we assist local, regional, and national unions and labor councils and federations by designing education programs or providing instructors and speakers on a range of relevant topics.

Most classes are held in the evening or on weekends in various locations throughout Pennsylvania, where our faculty travel to deliver programs in partnership with labor organizations. In addition, we host programs online throughout the year and at the University Park campus during the summer months.

Our trainings build from workers’ experiences, incorporate new knowledge, and offer participants ways to apply what they have learned from us and from each other. We aim to make all of our programs accessible, engaging and fun!