Shamar Stokes selected as Forbes 30 under 30

Shamar Stokes selected as Forbes 30 under 30

December 19, 2019

Shamar Stokes, a sophomore in Labor and Employment Relations, was selected to represent Penn State at the Forbes Under 30 Summit last October in Detroit.

Stokes was one of at least six Penn State students who attended the annual event stacked with activities and high-profile speakers, all in the entrepreneurial spirit.

Aside from being heavily involved on campus and supporting his friend’s ambitions, Stokes hopes to bring a chapter of Developing Strong Leaders to campus in the hopes of spreading a positive and competitive mindset.

“A lot of friends ask me, ‘How do you do this?’ and ‘How can I do that?’ I kind of tell them how to be a successful entrepreneur while still managing school,” Stokes said. “Right now I’m working on bringing together groups or as many smart, like-minded individuals to discuss their ideas — similar to how Forbes does.”

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Shamar Stokes