Professor Awarded Grant to Study Workers’ Rights in Morocco

Professor Awarded Grant to Study Workers’ Rights in Morocco

March 15, 2018

Associate professor and director of the Center for Global Workers' Rights, Mark Anner, recently was awarded a $60,000 grant from the Solidarity Center to study agricultural supply chains in Morocco and their impact on workers' rights. Dr. Anner is coordinating a small team of researchers to examine how supply chain dynamics in the wine and olive oil sectors influence working conditions, while also creating points of leverage for unionization and collective bargaining.

"We are finding that a very small share of the price we pay for wine and olive goes to the workers who harvest the grapes and the olives," said Dr. Anner. "But migrant women workers are finding ways to use their power to organize, strike and bargain for better conditions."

Dr. Anner recently returned from Argentina, where he participated in a workshop designed to explore ways to increase the work of the Global Labour University (GLU) in Latin America. The master's in professional studies program in Labor and Global Workers' Rights at Penn State is a member the GLU. Dr. Anner is the director of the Global Labour University. 

Professor Awarded Grant to Study Workers' Rights in Morocco