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Paterno Fellow and LHR student helps launch first European literary radio station

Paterno Fellow and LHR student helps launch first European literary radio station

December 8, 2020

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By Michaela Harpster 

Over the course of the fall semester, Paterno Fellow Kristen Miller interned remotely with Trafika Europe Radio — the very first European literary radio station. Trafika Europe Radio launched in May, and according to Miller, it seeks to “maintain a literate, creative space where writers, publishers, translators, and readers can interact beyond borders.” 

Miller found this opportunity through the Undergraduate Research and Fellowships Mentoring Office, which she explains she became aware of thanks to the Paterno Fellows Program’s weekly newsletter. “Their emails are consistently full of amazing opportunities for every interest and background,” she said. “The Paterno Fellows Program has supported me in all of my ambitions whether they be related to research, study abroad, or internships.”

Miller’s job as an editorial and outreach intern was to promote the content and mission of Trafika Europe Radio by cultivating a multitude of collaborations with newspapers, universities, and cultural networks across the 47 countries in the Council of Europe. To work towards this mission, she was tasked with things like editing interviews and excerpts from European writers. Miller was also responsible for contacting cultural centers and media outlets for potential collaborations or publicity opportunities. 

Interning with Trafika Europe Radio has enriched Miller’s academic experience by affording her with skills such as critical thinking, comprehension, and close-reading. In addition to gaining these skills, the experience refreshed Miller’s passion for literature, introducing her to a multitude of authors across the globe. “This experience not only gave me the practical skill of transcription, but it also allowed me to explore unique perspectives through analyzing texts,” she said. “The internship improved my ability to convey ideas in a clear manner both verbally and through written communication.”

The sophomore impressively has four majors — global and international studies, labor and human resources, Latin American studies, and Spanish — which she thanks the College of the Liberal Arts for allowing.

“The college has allowed me to explore a variety of interests without feeling pressured to commit to a particular discipline,” Miller said. “I have been afforded the opportunity to hold multiple concurrent majors within the College of the Liberal Arts, all of which complement each other in unique, enriching ways.”

Miller’s work with Trafika Europe has solidified her plans for her future career. She explained that in five years, she wants to work for the federal government in a position related to human rights, international development, or global workers’ advocacy. “In order to achieve and excel in those fields, it is vital to have a developed knowledge of history, literature, and foreign affairs,” Miller said. “My internship with Trafika Europe Radio helped further my cultural competency and overall understanding of the diverse identities represented throughout Europe. This experience reaffirmed my passion for global awareness and diplomacy.”

December 2, 2020

Paterno Fellow and LHR student helps launch first European literary radio station