Undergraduate Student Looking For Participants in Research Study

Please see below for information from Natasha Roberts on her undergraduate research study. She is looking for THREE more participants. 

"The study is looking to provide further knowledge about the working relationships and experiences of biracial/multiracial individuals in the workplace. I chose this topic because I identify as multiracial and feel like there is not enough information about the biracial/multiracial experiences past adolescence.

The interview should take about about 30 minutes to an hour depending on the length of your responses. If you are pregnant, not able to give consent, or a non-english speaker unfortunately you are not able to participate in this study. Participants will receive $25 for their participation, which will be sent to you via a gift card in the mail after the completion of the interview. 

If you are interested in participating, if you can please let me know how you racially self identify, your availability and best times for the interview, and whether you would like the interview to be in person or over the phone, you can e-mail me, Natasha Roberts, directly at: nar5272@psu.edu or you can e-mail her faculty advisor at: sarahdamaske@psu.edu. Thanks to all of our fabulous alumni!"