President Barron speaks to LER students as part of the Sustainable Communities Collaborative

As part of The Sustainable Communities Collaborative (SCC), a partnership of Penn State faculty, students, and staff with local communities to address sustainability challenges, President Eric Barron spoke to Professor Tom Hogan’s LER 460 Ethics class about Ethical Leadership.

Throughout the year, students from Hogan’s class developed a program titled “Net-Zero Energy: Engineering & Human Resources,” a list of practical ways to produce energy that are not fossil fuel based, estimated the effort/costs to develop these energy sources, identified other communities throughout the world that have similar goals, and proposed public policies that the State College Borough should enact that will ensure achievement of these goals.

Hogan, a Professor-in-Residence for Penn State’s Sustainability Institute, explains how the findings of the partnership have far-reaching implications, “One of the objectives of this collaborative is not only to work with the Borough to come up with solutions, but to also develop models and practices that comparable communities can use.”

In addition to President Barron’s appearance, Hogan also co-presented the group’s work along with SCC Director Dr. Michele Halsell at the Engaged Scholarship Symposium.