June Director's Update

It’s June in Happy Valley.  The students, at least most of them, have left and the town is much quieter than it was just a month ago.  You might think that means a nice, long, summer break for our faculty and staff.  But that definitely is not the case.  Since graduation in early May, the School has hosted a major conference on international human resource management for 70 scholars from 17 countries, sponsored a study tour to China for our students, and brought more than 30 of Pennsylvania’s up-and-coming union leaders to campus for an intensive Labor Leadership Institute.  In the next two months we will conduct a week of intensive, on-campus, graduate courses for 60 of our MPS students and play host to more than 100 union activists who will be attending the Northeast Union Women’s Summer School at University Park.  And those faculty not involved with these programs are scattered around the globe working on research projects and other initiatives.  The summer will see LER faculty travelling to Bangladesh, China, Switzerland, India, and Scotland.  And if that isn’t enough to keep us busy, we also are running over 40 online undergrad and grad courses and a handful of courses in residence.   Happy Valley may slow down for the summer, but LER does not.