Internships help broaden students’ education

Internships help broaden students’ education

Carla Marano taking a short break while on her internship at GE (Erie,PA)

Completing one or more internships is one of the most important things students can do during their time at Penn State.  Internships help students gain insight and practical experience into various HRER-related career paths. And they sometimes lead to full-time job offers.  Each semester, internships are offered to students looking to gain practical experience in their field, or to help them better understand possible career paths. This summer is no different.

The school offers a broad range of both online and live resources to help candidates find the perfect internship.  Early in the process, students meet the School of LER’s Internship Coordinator, Amy Dietz, who explains the school’s expectations for internships, as well as deadlines, registration, and other practical matters.

A list of employers who have offered internships to LER students over the past few years can be found at:  ( ).  A list of current internship opportunities is available at ( ). 

Sponsoring an internship is one of the most important things LER alums can do to help our current students.  If you are interested in sponsoring a student internship in 2015-2016 please contact Jessica Steele at or complete the online posting form is here.