Embedded course Human Resource Management in Sweden – Maymester 2017

In May, a group of LER students traveled to Sweden to learn about HR policies and practices. The feedback we received from students was very positive:

In May, a group of LER students traveled to Sweden to learn about HR policies and practices.  The feedback we received from the students was very positive:

 “I am extremely grateful to Penn State and the School of Labor and Employment Relations for giving me me such an amazing opportunity to increase my knowledge of human resource management practices exponentially. I have always been accepting of others, but sheltered from the outside world like many other American young adults due to our lack of knowledge of other countries.”

“Most notable to me was their protection of the LGBT community, a major population group that is continuously neglected in and out of the workplace in America.”

 “Fika is a social break when you have a coffee or snack with colleagues. This is a time where work issues can be discussed and not avoided like it often is in America. I would like to start a weekly lunch meeting on Mondays where everyone in each department has lunch together to discuss issues.”

These student voices confirm the value of the embedded programs we offer at our School and their potential for the personal and academic growth of our students.  The group that traveled to Sweden consisted of 12 students from LER and 6 students from the Department of Health Policy and Administration (HPA). The students were accompanied by LER Professor Sumita Raghuram and HPA Professor Diane Spokus.  During the trip the students attended lectures at Gothenburg University, Jonkoping University and the Karolinska Institute and visited Volvo, Husqvarna and IKEA where they discussed HR practices with their managers and had worksite tours. They also learned about the co-determination process where unions have a voice in company policy, the efforts of companies to de-emphasize hierarchy, and the welfare system, among other practices unique to Sweden. The trip was capped off by a visit to Stockholm. 

Embedded courses are one of the ways the School is working to “globalize” the experience of our students.  This is the second year in a row a group of LER students have visited Sweden.  The School conducted its first study tour in 2015 when LER students visited China. 

Where in the world will LER students go in 2018?  Stay tuned.