Learn More About the Center for Workplace Performance

Learn More About the Center for Workplace Performance

October 7, 2021

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. – The School of Labor and Employment Relations has begun to more aggressively promote its management outreach efforts through the Center for Workplace Performance (CWP). A group of faculty and staff – Heather Manning, Michael Edenhart-Pepe, and Antone Aboud – have combined to develop and manage the Center’s operations.

For the past seven years, CWP has routinely offered free webinars at least three times a semester (fall and spring) for students, faculty, alumni, and guests. Of late, CWP has begun to offer a series of training programs to organizations throughout the country. All of the programs at this point have been presented over Zoom. Scheduling the programs during the afternoons has generated considerable interest throughout the country. Four of the 25 persons who registered for the initial offering of the Conducting Workplace Investigations were from two different companies in Alaska. In addition to the investigations class, CWP has successfully delivered the following:

  • Collaborative Coaching
  • Introduction to Supervision: Leadership
  • Introduction to Supervision: Helping People Work Better
  • Counseling and Discipline.

SHRM and HRCI have approved all of our courses' recertification credits. Those attending Conducting Workplace Investigations, for example, receive 11 credits.

Beyond the subscription programs, CWP has created contractual relationships with a variety of organizations throughout the country. Brian Redmond and Michael Pepe are working with Mitsubishi of North America to create and deliver an online leadership class for managers and supervisors. Most recently CWP has connected with Benchmark Human Services, Inc. of Indiana to deliver as a pilot an introductory supervisor training program, Managing People.

CWP has created a web presence that serves to provide details about its offerings as well as a location through which participants can register for classes. Equally important, on the Home Page, the website also provides links to timely articles that any interested person, including “alumni” of its training programs, can access. The categories include,

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Human Resources
  • Labor & Employment Relations
  • Leadership
  • Work in the 21st Century

If you have questions about this effort or desire additional information about our services, please contact Antone Aboud (; 518-229-2184).

October 13, 2021

Learn More About the Center for Workplace Performance