LA 497 Special Topics Class Offers Students Research Experience

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UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - For undergraduate students interested in acquiring research experience, LA 497 offers a unique opportunity to in collaborate with students from University Park, the Commonwealth Campuses, and World Campus. 

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Research Study

This two-year research study seeks to understand the potential contributions of the arts in inspiring students to become psychologically involved, connected to and passionate about learning. It will create and disseminate knowledge specifically pertaining to the arts, student engagement and engaged scholarship by linking select theories to effective strategies, policies, practices, outcomes and impacts at domestic institutions of higher education. Also, storytelling will be captured by video to document the student experience and journey throughout the life cycle of the research project.

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Seeking Undergraduate Research Assistants 

An interdisciplinary virtual team of students will be formed to undertake and complete the following research study tasks:

• Compile and develop a final research study report based on the worked completed by undergraduate research teams from the fall 2019 and spring 2020 semesters

• Collaborate with and support research study videographer to finalize documentary film and short video clips to be posted on relevant Penn State websites and the websites of collaborative research institution

• Prepare research study report, briefing package, and PowerPoint presentation to be used to brief Penn State University leadership team and the leadership teams of collaborative research institutions

• Research, target, and prepare submissions of articles to relevant academic journals and professional trade association publications for consideration

• Research, target, and prepare submissions of presentation proposals to relevant academic and professional trade association conferences, symposiums, and summits for consideration

Students must be willing to be interviewed, participate in a focus group, and be video recorded relative to the research study experience. Students are required to apply and be invited to participate and will be eligible to earn 1 – 4 credits. Applicants must provide evidence of experience and competency in the research tasks identified above during the application process.

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April 9, 2020