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Hogan named as scholar for Student Engagement Network Faculty Academy

Hogan named as scholar for Student Engagement Network Faculty Academy

April 12, 2019

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Tom Hogan, professor of practice in the School of Labor and Employment Relations, has been named as a Scholar in the Engagement Faculty Academy for the 2019-2021 academic years. The Student Engagement Network Faculty Academy is designed to provide funding for educators to deepen the University-wide discourse, practice, and recognition of engaged scholarship at Penn State. 

This year, one faculty scholar was awarded a two-year appointment. Hogan will spend a portion of his time during the academic year developing his project, "Creating Transformative Experiences: The Art of Student Engagement and Engaged Scholarship." 

“It has been said that art reflects life, society and the world,” Hogan stated. “We seek to understand the potential contributions of the arts in inspiring students to become psychologically involved, connected to and passionate about learning. This research will create and disseminate knowledge specifically pertaining to the arts, student engagement and engaged scholarship by linking select theories to effectives practices, outcomes and impacts.” 

Hogan plans to provide an immersive and collaborative action research opportunity for undergraduate students at Penn State. Student scholars from University Park, common wealth campuses and World Campus will be recruited, formed and deployed to research relevant theories pertaining to leveraging the arts as an agent of change. 

During the first year, students will complete a literature review, create and employ and evaluative tool, review and assess institutional websites, identify leaders in the field, and conduct interviews with individuals from leading institutions. In the second year, a website will be created to share best practices, resources and tools, student stories and encourage ongoing dialogue. 

“From a global citizen development perspective, we seek to understand how the arts can be leveraged to inspire and promote empathy, compassion, tolerance, self-awareness, self-reflection, self-knowledge and intercultural competencies by students,” Hogan said. “This public scholarship seeks to expose students to and reinforce important concepts including uniqueness and commonality of the human experience; a global community; civil discourse; sustainable development and social responsibility; the greater good; and giving back to Penn State and society.” 

The Student Engagement Network enables more students to have transformative experiences. Launched in 2017, the network is a comprehensive initiative across twenty-four campuses that connects student with curricular and co-curricular opportunities such as research, student organization involvement, community leadership, study abroad, internships, arts and performances, and more. A joint effort between Undergraduate Education, Student Affairs, and Outreach and Online Education, the Student Engagement Network has built strong programs that impact students, faculty, staff, and communities locally, nationally, and globally.

Dr. Tom C. Hogan