Doctoral Minor

Doctoral Minor in Human Resources and Employment Relations

The Doctoral Minor in Human Resources and Employment Relations (HRER) is sponsored by the School of Labor and Employment Relations (LER). Work and employment are phenomena that touch every academic field. The doctoral minor in HRER is intended to provide doctoral students in other fields with greater knowledge and understanding of the dynamics of these critical phenomena. This foundational knowledge and understanding prepares students to teach about, and do research on, work and employment-related issues in their major field. This background provides doctoral students with unique insights that can enhance their prospects in the academic or professional job market.

Among the issues to which doctoral minors in HRER will be exposed are the challenges facing employees and managers, including performance management; talent inflow and outflow; technology in the workplace; diversity; fair pay; work/family/life balance; income inequality; discrimination; and globalization. The minor will also familiarize students with strategies for dealing with these challenges such as unionization, human resource management policies and practices, employment and labor laws, and global labor standards.

The doctoral minor in HRER requires students to complete 15 credits at the 500 or 800-course level. Two core courses, HRER 504 Seminar in Employment Relations and HRER 505 Seminar in Human Resources will be required. The doctoral minor also requires one graduate faculty member from the minor field to serve on the student’s doctoral committee.

Limited financial aid is available for qualified candidates.

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Required Courses

HRER 504      Seminar in Employment Relations (3)
HRER 505      Seminar in Human Resources (3)
Total Required Hours = 6

Students must complete 9 credit hours from the list of approved electives:

HRER 500      Topics in Comparative Employment Relations (3)
HRER 501      Labor and Employment Law (3)
HRER 503      Seminar in International Human Resource Studies (3)
HRER 523      Seminar in Work-Life Dilemmas, Practices, and Policies (3)
HRER 526      Managing Talent Flow (3)
HRER 536      Workplace Diversity (3)
HRER/WMNST 573  Doctoral Seminar in Work-Life Dilemmas, Practices, and Policies (3)
HRER 825      Strategic Business Tools for HRER Professionals (3)
Total Elective Hours = 9