Upcoming School of Labor and Employment Relations Career Events 

Nestlé Skillset Development Workshop, July 17, July 22, August 19, and September 23, 2020

The Nestlé Campus Recruiting team is thrilled to introduce the Nestlé Skillset Development Workshop: a four part virtual series designed to prepare students with the tools to excel in the highly competitive recruiting space. We are excited to have participants join our recruiting experts and leaders as we look to go beyond the (career fair) booth.

Upcoming sessions include: 

Nestlé Skill-Set Workshop - Part I: Your Perfect Pitch – Friday, July 17th (2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST)

The Nestlé Skill-Set Workshop Series kicks-off with a session dedicated to you:

  • Understand what recruiters are asking when they say, “tell me about yourself.”
  • Learn the formula for crafting your personal pitch.
  • And the session concludes with an overview on the importance of leveraging your personal pitch to own the interview. 
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Nestlé Skill-Set Workshop - Part II: Winning with Words: Resume Refresh – Wednesday, July 22nd (3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST)

In session II of the Nestlé Skill-Set Workshop Series, listeners will review the components to creating a successful resume that captures the attention of the recruiter:

  • Explore how you bring your experience to life.
  • Understand the do’s & don’ts of resume writing.
  • And explore the resources available when it comes time to write an exceptional resume.
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Nestlé Skill-Set Workshop - Part III: Networking 101 – Wednesday, August 19th (3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST)

For session III of the Nestlé Skill-Set Workshop Series, we’re welcoming our experts to discuss the importance of networking.

  • Join our panelists as they share the value of networking early in your career.
  • Hear how they began leveraging networking to support career growth & continue to foster strong relationships.
  • And explore new tactics for creating meaningful relationships as we continue to evolve in this new virtual environment.
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Nestlé Skill-Set Workshop - Part IV: Interviewing Best Practices – Wednesday, September 23rd (3:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST)

We wrap-up the Nestlé Skill-Set Workshop Series by arming you with the tools to excel in the interview space:

  • Utilize a simple formula when responding to interviewer questions.
  • Practice makes perfect!  How you prepare will impact how you show-up.
  • Your turn: it’s the end of the interview, what are the appropriate questions to ask your interviewers. 
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