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Union Staff Development: A Skills and Learning Cohort Program

Designed for newer union staff in any role, this training will provide participants with tools and a network to succeed in the vital, dynamic, and challenging work they do.

The Union Staff Development Cohort consists of five sessions over five months, with the first and last sessions meeting in person (for one and a half days), and the remaining three sessions meeting online. Participants will also be assigned peer partners for follow-up discussions between program sessions.

The cost of this program is: $2200 per person, inclusive of 2 nights lodging and all meals for each in-person session. REGISTRATION FOR THIS PROGRAM IS CLOSED. 

Program Schedule (NEW DATES!)

June 11-13 – The Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center, State College, PA

July 17 10:30am-1pm (virtual)

August 28 – 10:30am-1pm (virtual)

September 18 – 10:30am-1pm (virtual)

Oct 6-8 – The Penn Stater Hotel and Conference Center, State College, PA

In person sessions begin with dinner on the first evening, and conclude at noon on the final day.

The Core Content of the Program Includes
Lessons for Our Movement

Our industries and economy continue to change. We will look at historical lessons, how our economy has shifted, and the state of the labor movement to assess the challenges faced today.

Skills for Success

Our work is volatile and involves managing relationships and interactions at every step. We will explore best practices for interpersonal communications, relationship skills, personal leadership and resilience, and other tools.

Advocating For Equity

Building an inclusive movement is essential to the unity and success of labor. We will examine the duality of unions as advocates of more inclusive practices and organizations that can and must improve. Our own experiences as agents of change will be central to these discussions.

Networking and Support for Current Challenges

Participants will share their experiences and support each other in overcoming the daily challenges they face. Participants will also work with a peer partner, and there will be online discussion boards for networking and support.