The LABOR School
503 Keller Building
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802

EMAIL: laborschool@psu.edu
TEL: 814-867-2287

About Us

In 1942, the Pennsylvania State University became one of the first universities in the country to establish a labor education program following the passage of the National Labor Relations Act seven years earlier. The first classes were held at the Philadelphia Shipyard.

The purpose of The LABOR School at Penn State is to advance the University’s land grant mission by helping to build an inclusive, democratic society. We provide educational opportunities that give voice to Pennsylvania workers, improve their lives and communities and strengthen their organizations.

Our current faculty and staff are proud to continue this tradition of serving Pennsylvania workers.

Associate Clinical Professor of Labor and Employment Relations
Director of Labor Education
(814) 867-5697

Labor Education; Globalization; Immigrant Workers; Women and Labor

Valerie Braman
Assistant Clinical Professor of Labor and Employment Relations
Labor Education Coordinator
(215) 843-3052

Internal and External Organizing; Contract Negotiations and Administration; Unions in Education; Labor Law

Paul Clark
Professor, Labor and Employment Relations
Graduate Program Director, School of Labor and Employment Relations
(814) 865-0752

Unions, union organizing, collective bargaining, labor-management partnerships, labor-management relations in the healthcare industry, nurses' unions, labor history

Heather Manning
Administrative Assistant
(814) 867-2287