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LER 499: Comparative Human Resources

This is a 3 credit embedded Maymester course.

  • 2 credits Pre-Study Tour during the spring semester and 1 credit for the Maymester
  • Insight into the human resource management (HRM) practices in a culture very different to the USA
  • Study Greece’s culture and history
  • Explore the Greek (social welfare) business context

The purpose of this course is to provide a global perspective to LER students on content they are learning in their degree programs. The course will give insight into the human resource management practices in a contrasting culture with a strong focus on social welfare: Greece. The course complements the existing concepts that students receive from LER courses.

This course explores human resource management (HRM) in a social welfare context through trip preparation and intensive field experience in Greece. Topics covered during the course will provide a cultural and historical perspective of Greece; describe human resource management in Greece; and provide examples of particular policies related to employment. Pre-trip learnings will provide a background for students to begin to understand the current challenges and opportunities of HRM in Greece, Greece culture and history (compared with the USA and other cultures); the Greek (social welfare) business context; and traditions of HRM in Greece.

Students will travel to Greece May 9-19, 2022 and link pre-trip learning to experiential learning while in-country. Students should demonstrate an understanding of issues that have been, and are, important to the country as they relate to HRM. Upon return to the USA, students will reflect on what they learned and how it affected their perspectives on HRM in a social welfare country, their own cultural identity, and career goals.

If you have questions, please contact Mark Gough.

Students must apply to register for the class.

Application Process

Students should email with a one-page statement on why they are interested in taking this class. GPA should be 3.0 or higher – please submit your transcript. A maximum of 7 students will be admitted based on motivation for the class and academic achievement. There is no specific deadline, but once all places are filled, no more applications will be considered. Preference will be given to LER majors.