Undergraduate Advising Information & Assistance

Undergraduate students who are enrolled in, or are considering enrollment in, the Labor and Employment Relations B.A. or B.S. programs should contact Katelyn Perry for advising.

Make your appointment online (Under "Services,” search for “Perry” in the small search box under your name to the far right of the header; you should see Katelyn’s photo when you click on the “members” tab.)

Access the undergraduate forms you may need for your advising appointment.

A little more about Katelyn ...

I started my career in higher education as an instructor at a community college.  I had excellent mentors there, and I learned a lot in that position.  One of the most important things I discovered was that evaluating academic work became much less interesting to me than supporting students as they pursued their goals.  I enjoyed listening to their personal stories and learning about their struggles and successes.  With that in mind, I began to work on a graduate degree in counseling.

The first job I applied for after I completed my Masters degree was a professional advising position in the Crime, Law, and Justice Department at Penn State.  I've been an adviser in the College of the Liberal Arts for almost 14 years now, and I still find working with students to be satisfying, unpredictable, and fun.  In many ways, advising students feels like the thing I was meant to do.

Having lived in both Japan and Turkey, I like learning about cultures other than my own, and I think I'll always have the travel bug.  I've spent time in Greece, Hong Kong, Thailand, France, Singapore, Morocco, and Taiwan.  My brother, his wife, and my niece used to live in Spain, so I have visited their home in Marbella twice — and hope to do that again and again.

My husband and I have a son and all three of us love animals.  We currently share our space with two dogs, two cats, and two mice.  I enjoy movies, music, vegetarian cuisine (India Pavilion has amazing food), Death By Chocolate ice cream from the Creamery, and annual family vacations in Cape May, New Jersey.

When I arrived in Happy Valley, I didn't know anything AT ALL about football.  I actually took a class — and this is totally embarrassing — called Football 101.  I remember being surprised to find out that the defense and offense teams actually "took turns" playing on the field at different times.  But, these days, I'm proud to say that I can absolutely follow any Penn State football game, have road-tripped to Wisconsin, Northwestern, Ohio State, and Alabama — and have lost my voice from excessive cheering!

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