Graduate Courses

Graduate Courses

MS in HRER Core Courses

HRER 501 LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT LAW (3) This seminar deals with the development and application of legal rules covering employment relationships in the United States.

HRER 502 HUMAN BEHAVIOR AT WORK (3) This course takes an individual, group, and organizational perspective to deepen students’ knowledge of individual and team behavior in organizations.

HRER 504 SEMINAR IN EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS (3) Provides an in-depth examination of theory, process, and issues of employment relations, including collective bargaining and contract administration.

HRER 505 SEMINAR IN HUMAN RESOURCES (3) Takes a strategic planning approach to human resource management. Intended to expose the student to the intersection of human resource management and the strategic goals of the organization.

HRER 512 RESEARCH METHODS IN HUMAN RESOURCES AND EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS I (3) Introduction to empirical analysis of the employment relationship through training in issues identification, model building, specification, sampling and data collection, quantitative and qualitative analysis, recognition of statistical significance and error, and careful interpretation of results.

HRER 825 STRATEGIC BUSINESS TOOLS FOR HRER PROFESSIONALS (3) This course connects business strategy, financial tools, and HR to an organization’s strategic business objectives.

Base Program Required Courses

LHR 480 CURRENT ISSUES IN HUMAN RESOURCES (3) Examines current issues in the field of human resource management, including innovative work schedules, telecommuting, non-traditional office environments, etc.

LHR 437 WORKPLACE DISPUTE RESOLUTION (3) Dispute resolution practices and procedures used in the workplace and employment law settings.

HRER 536 DIVERSITY IN THE WORKPLACE (3) Explores the historical and contemporary situations of women and minorities in the workplace, including influences in the home, community, the labor movement, as well as the workplace and the larger economy.

HRER 523 (WMNST 523) SEMINAR IN WORK-LIFE DILEMMAS, PRACTICES, AND POLICIES (3) The course provides students with an analytic framework for understanding how social inequalities in race, class, and gender shape experiences in families and the workplace

HR Option Required Courses

HRER 527 TALENT DEVELOPMENT AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT (3) This course focuses on HR/ER consulting capabilities, change management efforts, and the strategic development of talent and competencies required to execute strategy and attain individual and organizational goals.

HRER 503 SEMINAR IN INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCES STUDIES (3) Seminar course exploring human resource studies from an international perspective.

HRER 526 MANAGING TALENT FLOW (3) This course covers the strategic management of talent into, through, and out of organizations including recruiting, selection, and employee transitions.

HRER 824 TOTAL REWARDS (3) This course covers one of the main functional areas of Human Resource Management, total rewards, and prepares students to be effective compensation and benefits professionals.

ER Option Required Courses

HRER 500 TOPICS IN COMPARATIVE INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS (3) Similarities and differences of various aspects in industrial relations assessed within the political, economic, and historical contexts.

LHR 401 THE LAW OF LABOR-MANAGEMENT RELATIONS (3) Development of Anglo-American law regulating collective bargaining, with emphasis on American labor-management relations under Wagner, Taft-Hartley, and other acts.

ER Option Additional Courses (6 credits from the following list)

LHR 468 AMERICAN LABOR UNIONS (3) Students will examine, debate and gain a fundamental understanding of the current state of the American labor movement.

LHR 435 LABOR RELATIONS IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR (3) Analysis of labor relations problems within different areas of public employment.

LHR 475H LABOR IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY (3) This seminar focuses on how the nature of work is changing in the “new economy” and the implications for economic opportunity and inequality in both the United States and South Africa.

LGWR 510 INTERNATIONAL LABOR LAW (3) Seminar exploring international labor law, including its standards, reviewing bodies, procedures, information sources, remedies, and overall strengths and weaknesses.

LGWR 520 GLOBAL WORKERS’ RIGHTS (3) Seminar course exploring the issues of work and workers’ rights in the global economy.

Capstone and Thesis Courses

HRER 588 CAPSTONE IN HUMAN RESOURCES AND EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS (3) This capstone research course is designed to support students as they synthesize prior learning with a topic of interest about which they will conduct research.

HRER 600 THESIS RESEARCH (6) Students conduct research and write a thesis under the guidance of an advisor and thesis committee.

Elective Courses

HRER 595 INTERNSHIP IN HUMAN RESOURCES AND EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS (1-9) Prerequisite: prior approval by School.

HRER 596 INDIVIDUAL STUDIES (1-9) Creative projects, including non-thesis research, that are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses.


LHR 400 COMPARATIVE EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS SYSTEMS (3) Analysis of structure and elements of employment relations across countries.

LHR 403 INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RESOURCE STUDIES (3) Course exploring human resource management from an international perspective.

LHR 410 EMPLOYMENT STRATEGIES FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES (3) Develop knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to understand and practice effective employment strategies in working with people with disabilities.

LHR 424 EMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION (3) Development and management of employment compensation systems.

LHR 425 EMPLOYEE BENEFITS (3) The examination of employee benefits programs used by employers to meet the welfare needs of employees and their families.

LHR 426 STAFFING AND TRAINING STRATEGIES IN ORGANIZATIONS (3) This course focuses on the theory and practice of human resource staffing and training in organizations.

LHR 427 ORGANIZATIONAL CONTEXT FOR HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS PROFESSIONALS (3) This course examines human resource management and employment relations from a strategic perspective embedded in a complex and evolving organizational system.

LHR 428 TOTAL REWARDS (3) This course requires students to learn the link between company’s strategy and compensation, as well as understand core policies necessary to develop effective compensation systems.

LHR 434 COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AND CONTRACT ADMINITRATION (3) Survey of the collective bargaining process, including underlying theories, current practice, administration of the collective agreement, and likely future trends.

LHR 444 WORKPLACE SAFETY AND HEALTH: PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES (3) The role of employees, unions, employers, and government in dealing with work-related health issues.

LHR 458Y (HIST) HISTORY OF WORK IN AMERICA (3) A study of selected problems in the history of work in the United States, especially since 1877.

LHR 459 COLLECTIVE BARGAINING IN PROFESSIONAL SPORTS (3) Students learn how collective bargaining works in professional sports and how it compares to bargaining in other industries.

LHR 460 HUMAN RESOURCE ETHICS (3) Students develop proficiency in applying different moral frameworks to common human resources questions and in recognizing settings where moral judgment is required.

LHR 464 LEADERSHIP IN GROUPS AND ORGANIZATIONS (3) Survey of theory, research, and practice related to processes by which individuals in groups and organizations exercise influence.

LHR 465 COLLECTIVE DECISION MAKING (3) Presents a broad overview of theories and practices in decision-making as related to choice-making in organizations.

LHR 466 LABOR UNION STRUCTURE, ADMINISTRATION AND GOVERNANCE (3) This course provides a comprehensive description and analysis of the manner in which the American Labor Movement is structure, administered and governed as it pursues economic, social and political objectives.

LHR 472 WORK-LIFE ISSUES (3) Exploration of the changing roles of work and family.

LHR 485 THE BUSINESS SIDE OF HUMAN RESOURCES (3) Students examine the interface between HR, the business model, and other aspects of the business organization.


LHR 495 LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT RELATIONS INTERNSHIP (1-12) Supervised practicum in labor relations setting with union, management, or government agency. Prerequisite: prior approval by School.


LHR 499 FOREIGN STUDIES (1-12) Courses offered in foreign countries by individual or group instruction.

LGWR 510 INTERNATIONAL LABOR LAW (3) Seminar exploring international labor law, including its standards, reviewing bodies, procedures, information sources, remedies, and overall strengths and weaknesses.

LGWR 520 GLOBAL WORKERS’ RIGHTS (3) Seminar course exploring the issues of work and workers’ rights in the global economy.

LGWR 540 RESEARCH METHODS IN LABOR AND GLOBAL WORKERS’ RIGHTS (3) This course introduces students to social science research methods and writing skills as they relate to workers and labor policy.

LGWR 597 SPECIAL TOPICS (1-9) Formal courses given on a topical or special interest subject which may be offered infrequently.

MGMT 420 NEGOTIATION AND CONFLICT MANAGEMENT (3) An exploration of the sources of interpersonal conflict and strategies of resolution in the managerial context.

PSYCH 484 WORK ATTITUDES AND MOTIVATION (3) Survey of theory and research with respect to attitudes, morale, and motivation of employees and management.

PSYCH 485 LEADERSHIP IN WORK SETTINGS (3) Review of research and application of behavior principles in the areas of management and supervision.