9th Annual Symposium

“Latin American Labor at a Crossroads: Obstacles and Opportunities in Times of Change”

April 13-14, 2023

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Center for Global Workers’ Rights

Dr. Mark Anner Center Director, Center for Global Workers’ Rights

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Database Links

Strategic Corporate Research

Strategic Corporate Research is a comprehensive set of resources for conducting corporate research and strategic campaigns in the United States and Canada. While it includes links to over 300 websites, it is not just a list of resources but provides both a framework and method for unionists and community activists to look inside the corporate world. It features a number of charts, videos and other resources to assist you with your work.

Cingranelli-Richards (CIRI) Human Rights Dataset

The Cingranelli-Richards (CIRI) Human Rights Dataset contains standards-based quantitative information on government respect for 15 internationally recognized human rights for 195 countries, annually from 1981-2010. The dataset includes a Workers’ Rights indicator, which indicates the extent to which workers enjoy freedom of association rights and other internationally recognized rights at work, including a prohibition on the use of any form of forced or compulsory labor; a minimum age for the employment of children; and acceptable conditions of work with respect to minimum wages, hours of work, and occupational safety and health.

International Labor Organization's (ILO) Measuring Decent Work Resource

Following a Tripartite Meeting of Experts held in September 2008, the ILO’s Governing Body agreed to test a comprehensive approach to the Measurement of Decent Work during 2009 by compiling detailed indicator definitions and preparing decent work country profiles for a limited number of pilot countries.

Globalization and Labor Standards Electronic Bibliographical Library

The electronic library project is directed by Katherine Van Wezel Stone, Professor of Law The UCLA School of Law. The GALS Bibliographic Library contains abstracts of recent law journal articles exploring international labor standards and rights in the global economy. Taken from English language law journals from around the world, GALS provides an annotated bibliography categorized by subject heading.

Information System on International Labour Standards

NORMLEX provides details on International Labour Standards, i.e. on instruments as conventions and recommendations, key documents, information on ratifications and supervision as well as country profiles regarding e.g. national labour law and social security laws.

Database of Conditions of Work and Employment Law

The Database of Conditions of Work and Employment Laws provides a picture of the regulatory environment of working time, minimum wages and maternity protection and contains comprehensive legal information, which allows you to conduct customized research on a specific country.

Employment Protection Legislation Database (EPLex)

EPLex provides information on all the key topics that are regularly examined in national and comparative studies on employment termination legislation.