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Healthcare Labor-Management Partnership

Healthcare Labor-Management Partnership

From an ethical perspective, creating decision processes that give voice to all stakeholders — including all employees — represents recognition of the value that everyone contributes to organizational success.

The same inclusive processes also contribute mightily to organizations’ bottom-line success, whether measured in dollars and cents or in the case of government and not-for-profit entities, desired policy outcomes. The following articles explain the value of these types of partnerships.

LER’s Labor School has initiated projects in this regard, initially focusing on healthcare. The purposes are to improve patient care, improve working conditions for frontline staff, and control costs. All of these improvements would also assist healthcare organizations — for-profit, not-for-profit and governmental — to more effectively attract and retain staff. And the partnerships that can emerge in the context of labor-management environments can be particularly valuable in promoting more cooperative relationships in other areas of mutual concern.

For a more exhaustive representation of this initiative, you can visit the location at the LER’s Labor School’s website.