Dorcas Owusua

Dorcas Owusua

Graduate Student in Labor and Global Workers' Rights

Curriculum Vitae


Professional Bio

Dorcas Owusua is a dynamic professional with over 15 years of multifaceted experience in labor rights advocacy, project management, and environmental science. With an unwavering commitment to improving labor conditions, enhancing workplace safety, and advancing global labor rights, Dorcas has a history of initiating projects that lead to tangible improvements in these areas. Her expertise includes  research, policy analysis, and stakeholder engagement, enabling her to enact meaningful change and empower workers through educational development.

Previously, as a Project Coordinator for the General Agricultural Workers' Union (GAWU) of the Ghana Trades Union Congress (TUC-Ghana), Dorcas led multidisciplinary teams, championed improved working conditions in cocoa-growing regions, and advocated for gender-sensitive structures and occupational safety practices and the promotion of decent work in the cocoa supply chain. Her strategic initiatives have remarkably improved collective bargaining policies and fostered community engagement, resulting in an average 30 percent increase in household income through income diversification strategies.

As an Administrative Officer with GAWU, Dorcas streamlined administrative processes, achieving a 20 percent increase in operational efficiency, and played a pivotal role in combating modern slavery. Her work in developing comprehensive training materials and educational manuals has significantly enhanced knowledge and operating standards regarding workplace safety and labor rights.

Dorcas is currently pursuing a Masters in Professional Studies in Labor and Global Workers' Rights at Pennsylvania State University.

As a respected member of various professional alliances and a recipient of the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Head of State Awards, Dorcas stands out as a professional deeply committed to driving positive change and fostering inclusive and equitable work environments.