Student Organizations

Society of Human Resource Management/Society of Labor and Employment Relations

Members of a combined Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and The Society of Labor and Employment Relations (SLER)The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and The Society of Labor and Employment Relations (SLER) have merged into one organization (SHRM-SLER).  

SHRM-SLER has a strong affiliation with both the School of Labor and Employment Relations and the National Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).  Because of these two affiliations SHRM-SLER's activities focus around both professional opportunities through SHRM and also opportunities to engage and network with the School of Labor and Employment Relation's alumni and faculty through different events and activities.  

SHRM-SLER's major goal is to increase member's professional development in the fields of human resources and employment relations.  We do this through a number of events, including:

  • Professional development workshops
  • Monthly member meetings and alumni conversations
  • SHRM case competition each spring
  • Mentor-ship program
  • Networking trips

We also have activities geared toward networking and engaging with fellow club members along with the School of Labor and Employment Relation's alumni, faculty, and staff.  These activities include fundraising efforts for both THON and Relay for Life, our Fall Hayride, our Student Faculty Bowling event, IM Volleyball, and much more!

Student Works at Penn State

Student Works at Penn State members sharing informationStudent Works at Penn State (SWAPS) is an official Penn State student organization, sponsored by Penn State’s School of Labor and Employment Relations.  SWAPS works to bring together students with local and statewide unions and their members. Students and workers and their families share an interest in many issues – voting rights, student debt, immigration reform, and minimum wage increases, to name just a few. SWAPS students have worked to educate themselves, other students, and the community about these issues by doing research, organizing teach-ins, collecting petition signatures, and even by producing their own documentary (on Youtube, called On the Edge: The Fight for a Living Wage). SWAPS students work to promote a fair and just workplace and an understanding of the important role of unions in our society.  SWAPS student members have secured paid internships with Pennsylvania unions and SWAPS has provided many networking opportunities for students interested in a career in labor or in other social justice organizations.  Interested students should contact SWAPS chair .

United Students Against Sweatshops

 United Students Against Sweatshops members at a protestUnited Students Against Sweatshops is a student run organization with over 150 chapters across the country. A known name in the global labor movement, we advocate for worker’s right locally and internationally. We are committed to holding our university and the brands that produce our university logo apparel responsible for ethical business practices. USAS has successfully won campaigns against Adidas, Nike, and Russell, as well as campaigns in support of local campus workers. Meeting weekly, USAS works closely with our national network to coordinate actions to make change! For more information, contact .