Student Marshals

Student Marshals Through the Years

Student Marshal* Faculty Marshal**
2021 Hannah Oleynik and Samuel Kraus *** Manuel Rosaldo 
2020 Cory Steinle and Matthew Solovey  Mark Gough 
2019 Tylar Smith Rebecca Cianci
2018 Erin Ferris  Sarah Damaske
2017 Meghan Stouter
2016 Kelsey L. Wetzel
2015 Cailin Hayes Paul Whitehead
2014 Ian Dowling 
2013 Marissa E. Mathieu Douglas Allen
2012 Andrea Chung Mark Anner
2011 Valerie Smolter Mark Anner
2010 Michael S. Wasser Paul Clark
2009 Erika Butler Robert Drago
2008 Jordan N. Luft Billie Willits
2007 Gregory D. Howling Mark Anner
2006 James P. Hildenbrand Paul Clark
2005 Kelly M. Mendez Alex Colvin
2004 Michelle Wong Paul Clark
2003 Robert S. Kaplan Alex Colvin
2002 Roberto Santoni James Stewart
2001 Alison M. Weiss Robert Drago
2000 Teresa M. Rodriguez Jackie Krasas Rogers
1999 Christine Muchi Paul Clark
1998 Jessica A. Davenport Louis Peasley
1997 Tammy M.  Pasterick Paul Clark
1996 Erin S. Shakespeare Paul Clark
1995 Stephanie K. Deiger Paul Clark
1994 Jeffrey J. Neuman Paul Clark
1993 Deborah J. Anderson Paul Clark
1992 Mary R. Brown Frieda Rozen
1991 Linda M. Brennan Paul Clark
1990 Charles E. Kilbourne Gerald Glyde
1989 Liza Lynne Beautz
1988 Matthew W. McCoy
1987 Alexander T. Edinger
1986 Vicki L. Reed
1985 Lawrence J. Mattivi

Ceremonies prior to 1985 were University-wide ceremonies without department marshals.

** Faculty Marshals were first instated in 1990. 

*** In 2021, the College of the Liberal Arts began recognizing student marshals for each major. The first name listed is the Labor and Human Resources marshal and the second name listed is the Organizational Leadership marshal.