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CIHRS believes in making academic scholarship available to all those interested in the international human resource management field. We have therefore taken the initiative to share with you research work that you would not normally be able to access publicly, but which has great potential value to both practitioners and scholars alike. To this end, the following papers are available for you to download free-of-charge, many of them authored by graduating students from the Penn State 'MS in Human Resources and Employment Relations' program with a passion for IHRM. We believe that you will find these to be useful reviews of specific topics in IHRM that have not been published elsewhere.


2018 Papers:

Sarah A. Greeley, The Pennsylvania State University: Mentoring Expatriates: The Mediating Effect of Affective Commitment on Project Success

Mikayla Koenck, The Pennsylvania State University: A Study of HR Formality and Employee Development: Is Culture A Factor?

Matthew Jentis, The Pennsylvania State University: Labor and Employment Relations in Spain and the Dominican Republic: A Comparative Analysis on the Development of Global Workplaces

2016 Papers:

Loredana Abreu, The Pennsylvania State University: What can U.S. companies do to get the most out of their expats in hardship locations? 

Brandon D. Ament, The Pennsylvania State University: Female Expatriates & Alternative Portfolio Assignments: The New Directions of Expatriation

Qiao Tang, The Pennsylvania State University: HRM Practices and Knowledge Transfer in Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions

2015 Papers:

Sara Cremonesi, The Pennsylvania State University: The Complexity of International Assignments and its Impact on IHRM Strategies and Corporate HR Roles

Danni Qin, The Pennsylvania State University: The Effects of National Culture and Organizational Culture on Training and Development

Jocelin Linares, The Pennsylvania State University: Identifying the Barriers and Challenges to the Effectiveness of Global Talent Management

2013 Papers:

Olivia J Benedek, The Pennsylvania State University: Selection and Cross-Culture Training and Their Relevance on Women Expatriates in India