Howard Hong

Howard Hong

Integrated Psychology B.S. and Human Resources and Employment Relations M.S.

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I am a student currently working on a Master’s degree in Human Resources and Employment Relations at Penn State in the IUG program. I am also pursuing my bachelor’s degree majoring in Psychology and minoring in Labor Human Resource.

During college life, I’ve joined various student organizations and take leadership positions in those organizations. I was the treasurer for the PHRA which is a student council focus on the living quality of students who live on campus. I was the back-stage manager for the Chinese Theater and Movie Society. I am currently the president of the Chinese Psychology Student Association at PSU. I’ve also worked a part-time job in the Starbucks on campus as a crew leader. During these experiences, I have the opportunity to practice works related to HR fields such as job selection, interviewing, critical thinking, attendance checking, data entry, recruitment, and performance assessment, etc. 

With the taste of the various functions an HR professional will experience, I choose to further my study in the HRER field at PSU to make myself more familiar with the functional knowledge in HR and better apply them to my future career.