Trystanne Rawlings

Trystanne Rawlings

Graduate Student in Human Resources and Employment Relations

Expected Graduation Date: May 2021

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Trystanne Rawlings is a Pittsburgh native and second year graduate student pursuing a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and Employee Relations (2021). In 2019, Trystanne received her Bachelor’s degree with high honors in Psychology also at Penn State. With this Master’s degree, Trystanne plans to use her knowledge and experiences to become an advocate for employees and organizations by incorporating the best and most ethical business practices into existing organizational systems to create the best work environment for employees from all walks of life, and inspire them to put forth their best performance at work, which will ultimately benefit the organization.  

After attending a Human Resources Master’s Degree program information session during her senior year and doing further research on the field, Trystanne gained a newfound interest in the field of Human Resources. After applying to the graduate school, she received a full-ride scholarship and was offered a research assistantship.Throughout her experience so far in the Penn State Master’s Degree program, Trystanne participated in HR research through her research assistantship which has included things such as mock interviews, interviewer training, and the examination of various topics related to HR. Separate from that program she also participated in a Human Resources internship where she gained experience in talent acquisition and recruiting, as well as exposure to many other areas of HR. Trystanne’s particular areas of interest as a graduate student is diversity and inclusion, employee satisfaction, and employee motivation. 

In her free time, Trystanne likes to spend her time watching documentaries, listening to music, and spending time with family. She hopes that with this graduate degree, she will be able to use her knowledge to influence the creation of a positive and efficient workplace environment. 

Clubs and Organizations:

Social Justice Coalition: Member, Secretary, September 2018-May 2019