Saulo Galicia Vidal

Saulo Galicia Vidal

Graduate Student in Labor and Global Workers' Rights

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Consultant and researcher on legal reforms and public policies related to employment, inequalities, and unionism. Mr. Galicia has a wide experience in the public sector (working as a public officer in the Labor Department, the Women Department, and the Prime Minister’s Office) and in the academic field, as a teaching assistant (three years) and with published articles. Furthermore, he has worked with trade unions on training and advisory for more than four years, focusing on developing capabilities to know and defend their rights and to push for legal and institutional reforms. Combining his experience as a public officer, Mr. Galicia has participated in several legal reforms related to labor issues, public policies as well, and in the creation of a service to give legal and psychological support for victims of sexual harassment at the workplace.

Being aware that his country faces special challenges regarding informality, labor precarity, and inequalities, Mr. Galicia pushes for changing the way the Peruvian Government, companies, and traditional trade unions see atypical work, only as a form of “precarity,” instead of understanding that there are valid forms of work that, despite the repression and lack of support from the state, emerge to give alternatives for the most vulnerable populations.