Sergio Saravia

Sergio Saravia

Expected Graduation Date: August 2020

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I am a master’s student in Labor and Global Workers’ Rights at the Pennsylvania State University. Prior to joining Penn State, I received a BA in Sociology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. I am broadly interested in workers’ rights, sociology of work, and economic sociology. In Lima, I have conducted research on the characteristics and strategies of trade unions of department stores in the retail industry. Furthermore, I worked as a research assistant for a project on labor unions and democracy directed by the Peruvian sociologist, Dr. Omar Manky. I have also worked as a public servant at the Ministry of Labor and the National Superintendence of University Higher Education of Peru.

My research interests are situated at the crossroads of migration, the gig economy, and labor markets, as well as the gendered division of labor. Particularly, I am interested in how immigrants are accessing the destination countries' labor markets through on-demand or gig jobs and how are precarious labor markets shaped by the addition of new technologies. In that vein, I am working with the sociologist Dr. Katherine Maich on a project focused on food delivery workers in Mexico City and New York City.