Qi Qi Liang

Qi Qi Liang


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Since 2012 Ms. Liang has been active in her workers’ community as a student activist in southern China. As a result of her efforts in social campaign and labor movement, sanitation workers’ salary and working conditions have been greatly improved. In 2014, she initiated a local NGO launching training program for college students and workers (including over 500 members) to forge solidarity in the workplace as well as in the community. During her four years of practice, Ms. Liang managed empowerment programs, motivating local communities to assist workers and adopting strategies to confront repression. This experience led to deeper insights on labor issues and the overall situation of class struggle.

As a labor study researcher and unionist, Ms. Liang wishes to enhance her empowerment skills to fight for workers’ rights in a global context. She also hopes to enhance her experience with a  two-month internship with a U.S. based union, NGO, or other progressive organization dedicated to promoting the interests of workers.