Noah Reiss

Noah Reiss

Integrated Labor and Employment Relations B.S. and Human Resources and Employment Relations M.S.


Noah Reiss is a Senior enrolled in the Human Resources and Employment Relations Master’s Program at Penn State. Noah is receiving his Bachelor of Science in Labor Employment Relations and a minor in Sociology. He expects to graduate with his Master’s in the spring of 2021.

Over the past two summers, Noah has interned with Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County and BSE Global.  With the Cerebral Palsy Association of Nassau County, Noah reviewed disciplinary cases and participated in multiple spreadsheets projects for New York State. For the Long Island Nets, Noah was a Business Operations Intern where he conducted human resources practices such as screening candidates for vacant positions and sitting in on interviews with potential new employees.

Noah is excited to join the M.S HRER program to help further enhance and build on his knowledge skills and is seeking an internship for the Summer of 2020 that will give him more experience in the field of human resources and labor relations.