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Graduate Student in Labor and Global Workers' Rights


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Marguerite Nguyen Lehman (they/she) is a graduate student from San Jose, California pursuing a Master's degree in the Labor and Global Workers' Rights program at Penn State. In spring 2017, Marguerite earned their Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Women's and Gender Studies from the University of San Diego. They graduated Summa Cum Laude, with honors from both their major and minor. Marguerite then completed a Master of Arts degree in Communication Arts and Sciences at Penn State, specializing in rhetorical theory and feminist theory. Their research has focused on the role of disclosure in activist discourses, particularly as it has been utilized by the #MeToo movement and transgender rights activists. Their research has won multiple awards and they have presented at conferences around the United States. 

They have also worked on LGBTQ+ and all-gender bathroom initiatives at both USD and Penn State; these efforts resulted in the formation of an LGBTQ+ Student Center at USD and the creation of an all-gender bathroom in the Sparks Building at Penn State. They have participated in the Graduate Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion, a group of graduate students within the College of Liberal Arts committed to advocating for the interests of marginalized students. They are an organizer with the Coalition of Graduate Employees at Penn State. 

Marguerite has worked as a service worker in the restaurant industry, a graduate assistant (teaching & research) at Penn State, and most recently as a digital organizer for Pennsylvania United. They are interested in how workers create broader social change through labor organizing, particularly around issues of immigration, racial justice, and gender justice.