Margaret Marfo

Margaret Marfo

Graduate Student in Labor and Global Workers' Rights

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Ms. Margaret Marfo has worked with the Electricity Company of Ghana since September 2012 in Cape Coast, where stationed. Due to her interest in workers' rights, she became an active member of the Union Public Utilities Workers' Union (an affiliate of the Trades Union Congress, Ghana).

Over the years, she has risen through the union's ranks from branch executive to regional executive and got elected as a National Vice-chairperson of the Electricity Division of the Public Utilities Workers Union (PUWU) in November 2019, where she serves on the Standing Joint Negotiating Committee.

As a National Officer serving over five thousand workers, her duties have included: Orienting new employees on the importance of the union, educating new and existing members on their rights enshrined in the Collective Agreement, holding local meetings intermittently to disseminate information from national conferences attended to members, reporting regional activities and program outline to the national secretariat, collating proposals for collective bargaining and district consultative meetings, sitting on interview panels and committees of inquiry set up to investigate disciplinary issues concerning staff.

Shortly after taking office in November 2019, she helped identify how ECG failed to increase the pay or grade of bargaining unit members who had completed advanced education and training to enhance their skills and productivity. Working with her union colleagues, Ms. Marfo helped in the summer of 2020 to remedy this problem in the middle of the collective agreement's term. As a result, hundreds of staff won immediate pay and promotional increases. Shortly after that, Ms. Marfo enrolled in the PSU LGWR program.

As part of her PSU academic program, Ms. Marfo seeks a six-week internship where she can bring her writing, trade union, and organizational skills to challenges facing workers in the U.S. and around the world