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Menglan Cai

Graduate Student in Human Resources and Employment Relations

Expected Graduation Date: May 2021

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I am a student currently seeking a Master degree in Human Resources and Employment Relations at Penn State. I graduated from Huazhong Agricultural University in China with the bachelor degree in Human Resource Management. 

During the four years undergraduate period, I have done many internships within the area of human resource management. I worked for China Resources Snow Breweries Ltd., Huangshi Branch. When working in the company, I have done many works related to HR field, such as checking attendance of the employees and filing relevant data to colleague responsible for payroll accounting, dealing with the whole procedure of personnel changes, including recruitment, resignation and position transfer, preparing job description for recruitment and performance assessment, assisting in recruitment, arranging interview process, and attending interviews by HR specialists, recording main information of interviewees and giving opinions in selecting employees, etc. 

By working in the real world, I started feeling that I still need to improve myself if I want to be a successful person in today’s business world. Therefore I choose to further my study in the HRER field at Penn State, and I believe that after graduation from the program, I will definitely develop my functional knowledge, business acumen, global and ethical awareness, analytical and strategic thinking skills, and get insight on the dynamic HR environment. At the same time, I will spare no effort on my interested topics: recruiting and onboarding, which are of vital significance for the organizations to attract, maintain and inspire employees. 

I am looking forward to taking any challenges in the field of human resource, and seeking for the chance of internships related to human resource.