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Jizhao Cai

Graduate Student in Human Resources and Employment Relations

Expected Graduation Date: May 2019

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I am a student currently seeking a Master degree in Human Resources and Employment Relations at Penn State. I graduated from Smeal College of Business at Penn State with the bachelor degree in Supply Chain Management and Information System.

During the past four years, I have done many internships within the area of supply chain management as well some works related to human resources. I worked for Lenovo China, Bank of Beijing, and Carlisle Fluid Technologies. By working in the real world, I started feeling that I still need to improve myself if I want to be a successful person in today’s business world. Although supply chain management was my major during undergraduate school, human resources is always one of my favorite part in business world. Therefore, after working at Carlisle Fluid Technologies for one year, I decided to go back Penn State to start my study in human resources and employment relations.

I am looking forward to taking any challenges in the field of human resource, and seeking for the chance of internships related to human resource.