Jiayi (Gia) Yuan

Jiayi (Gia) Yuan

Graduate Student in Labor and Global Workers' Rights

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I am a student in the Labor and Global Workers’ Rights program at Penn State. I will be graduating in August 2021 with my master's degree in LGWR. 

After I completed my undergraduate study from China University of Labor Relations, I begin to work in a labor agency and fight for worker’s rights. In 2018, I worked on the production line as a normal worker in three different factories in China and witnessed that workers’ rights are violated seriously by excessive overtime, low wages, poor welfare etc. However, workers did not have the power to defend their rights and interests. 

I think the MPS in Labor and Global Workers’ Rights at Penn State University can help me advance my theoretical and practical knowledge of labor rights and gain more experience for future labor activities. I hope to improve myself with LGWR program.