Eliana Fonsah

Eliana Fonsah

Expected Graduation Date: August 2020

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Eliana Fonash has worked with a range of civil society organizations such as the Media Foundation for West Africa, SPARTING Community AID, Under the Baobab Tree Fellowship and FRIENDS-KIDS, that seek to protect the rights of journalists, the rights of women, children and youth as well as promote freedom of expression, good governance and sustainable development in Cameroon and West Africa.  Through these invaluable experiences, Eliana realized the extent to which worker’s rights violations impedes sustainable development in her home country Cameroon and other African countries. She became dedicated in supporting the struggle for human rights and worker’s rights in particular and the general fight for social justice in favor of women, children and youth while working with these organizations. Her journey to protect worker’s rights started with FRIENDS-KIDS, a philanthropic organization in Cameroon that seeks to protect the rights of women and children. She further worked with SPARTING Community AID whose core mandate is to educate and support women to fight for their rights, overcome gender-based violence, work place discrimination and economic empowerment in Ghana. She later co-founded an initiative called The Under the Baobab Tree Fellowship through which she and her two co-founders nurtured young people to fight for their rights and to champion sustainable development in their communities in line with the 2035 United Nations Sustainable Development goals agenda.  In 2017, she proceeded to work with the Media Foundation for West Africa to protect the rights of journalists and promote freedom of expression in 16 West African countries and other African countries. Apart from promoting human rights and worker’s rights by supporting the work of these organizations, Eliana has been a very active labor rights activist on a personal basis. She has been very bold in speaking up, advocating and defending the rights of her co-workers in other institutions in which she was an employee.   

 With her extensive experience in advocating for human rights, especially the rights of women and young people as well worker’s rights, Eliana has profound interest in bringing her experience, knowledge and skills to support the work of a U.S. based workers’ rights organization or any institution engaged in promoting the wellbeing of workers and the fight for social justice.