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Casey Decarlo

Integrated Labor and Employment Relations B.S. and Human Resources and Employment Relations M.S.

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I am a first year graduate student in the IUG Labor and Employment Relations/Human Resources and Employment Relations program at Penn State. I will be graduating in May 2020 with my undergraduate degree in Labor and Employment Relations B.S. and May 2021 with my Master’s degree in Human Resources Employment Relations. 

In the field of HR, I have held two internships thus far have given me a well-rounded experience in benefits, compensation, operations, and a generalist role. In addition to my work experience, I am part of the Society of Human Resource Management at Penn State. Furthermore, I was able to take part in a trip with 13 other students in the School of Labor and Employment Relations to Silicon Valley where we were able to network with HR professionals from high tech firms and learn about their HR practices.  

I hope this program will enable me to expand my skills and knowledge to pursue a career in HR.