Charles Smith

Charles Smith

Graduate Student in Labor and Global Workers' Rights

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As a student of zoology with more than seven years of experienced working fulltime as a chemistry/biology instructor and liquid chemist, Microbiologist and Union Organizer in Liberia, Mr. Smith became very active in his union: Liberia Industrial Workers Union-Local -1 (LIWU-LOCAL 1).

He has worked in various positions in the LIWU-LOCAL 1, including serving as financial secretary from 2017 to 2019. He handled all financial transactions for the union, too. Later as a general secretary from 2019 to 2020, he handled the day-to-day activities of his union.

His tireless work for workers' rights led to his ascension as head organizer in 2021. A scientist, trade unionist, and human rights advocate, Mr. Smith wishes to bring his substantial experience in the struggle for workers' rights and social justice to a six-week capstone experience to promoting the interests of workers.