Brittney Dellaquila

Brittney Dellaquila

Integrated Labor and Employment Relations B.S. and Human Resources and Employment Relations M.S.

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I am currently working towards my master’s degree in Human Resources Management, while also finishing up my earning my Bachelor of Science in Labor and Employment Relations while also completing a business law minor from the Smeal College of Business. 

During my time here at Penn State, I have been actively involved in the Penn State Alumni Association where I was on the Membership recruitment committee to make Penn State students aware of the organization and the great benefits of network, I also am a member of the SHRM branch here at Penn State, and I am also involved in College Moxie. As a college student for the past summer I have had the opportunity of pursuing three internships, to help me gain more hands-on experience of working in the world of Human Resources. This fall I am currently working as a remote human resources intern for a small consulting company called Coverage HR Solutions.

Within my internship experience, I have been able to gain hands on recruiting experience hiring/exit interviews, writing handbooks, resignation/offer letters, update company’s Covid-19 policies while making compliance checklists, experience working with HRIS and PayDay, and create and file company audits/assessments.

I hope to become a compensation benefit manager post-graduation along with gaining hands on experience working with labor unions since I have strong interest in going to law school to become a labor lawyer. I have always wanted to continue and gain more knowledge in Human Resources Management which is why I chose to be apart of the IUG program and enroll in Grad-School.