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Amber Kovacik

Integrated Psychology B.S. and Human Resources and Employment Relations M.S. IUG Program

Expected Graduation Date: May 2020


Amber Kovacik is currently a senior pursuing her B.S. in Psychology and minoring in Labor and Employment Relations. She is also a first-year graduate student in the Integrated Undergraduate and Graduate Program studying Human Resources and Employment Relations. She will receive diplomas in both 2019 and 2020, awarded with two degrees in five years.

Last year, Amber accepted an Early Career Operations Internship with MassMutual Financial Group in Springfield, MA for summer 2017. Her summer was full of responsibilities such as leading a change management initiative among underwriters in the Life & DI New Business and Underwriting department and creating a feedback system for an algorithmic software in underwriting. MassMutual taught her resilience to adversity, after her original project was slated due to a rollout date being moved three months. Management gave Amber the choice of her new assignment, and she went above and beyond by leading a project formally directed by an assistant vice president. In researching the change management initiative, she found that underwriters in the department had little voice in the new software being implemented, so she created a system where they could voice their concerns directly to the engineers creating the software. Summer at MassMutual taught Amber that she wanted to pursue a career in Human Resources because of the satisfaction in having the employees’ voices heard.

Amber is also a lab coordinator in the Leadership and Innovation Lab directed by Sam Hunter in the Department of Psychology. There, she delegates tasks to undergraduate assistants and helps with onboarding new lab members. Before becoming a coordinator, she worked in the lab as a research assistant for three years, proctoring lab studies and developing new ideas. In the Industrial-Organizational Ph.D. Practicum, Amber assists graduate students in proctoring behavioral assessments in the form of interviews and writes personalized, detailed feedback reports for graduate students on how to develop their business acumen.

Outside of school, Amber enjoys working as shift lead at Peace Love and Little Donuts, where she makes donuts from scratch and leads a team in a fun work environment.