Ana Milena Gaviria Naranjo

Ana Milena Gaviria Naranjo

Graduate Student in Human Resources and Employment Relations

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Ana Milena Gaviria Naranjo is a second-year M.S Student in Human Resources and Employment Relations.

Ana is from Medellin, Colombia. She did a bachelor’s degree in Administrative Engineering at The National University of Colombia.

Her background is mainly in corporate administration and human resources. After graduating, she worked as a Business Partner and Talent Senior Analyst at a multinational company called Avon for three and a half years.

Ana is looking to transition towards a career of social impact. As a research assistant, she has worked investigating informal workers. She is interested in expanding her knowledge about informality, the gig economy and its effect on low-wage workers, strategies to organize vulnerable workers, human rights, and human development. Her plans involve coming back to Colombia after graduating and finding a job aimed at improving the conditions, voice, and power of vulnerable workers and communities in Medellin, Colombia.