Sample Coaching Schedule

The following is a potential schedule of contact by month for three months. 

Month 1: 

  1. Coaching introduction/agreement
  2. Introductory meeting
  3. Clarification of roles, expectations and outcomes
  4. Process and timeline review
  5. Mutual agreement to move forward
  6. Assessment center, feedback and interpretation session
  7. Self-Report Assessments, Feedback and Interpretation Session
  8. Potential 360 Leadership Image Study initiated
  9. Initial Coaching Session

Month 2: 

  1. Ongoing coaching  
  2. Progress check
  3. Potential shadowing of client in key work transactions and or meetings
  4. Potential 360 Leadership Image Study results and interpretation session
  5. Ongoing coaching   
  6. Progress check
  7. Action plan adjustments

Month 3:

  1. Ongoing coaching
  2. Feedback on potential shadowing data
  3. If 360 Image Study engaged, virtual meeting with organization sponsor and participants
  4. Final coaching session
  5. Short term progress check
  6. Long term objectives identified
  7. Discuss sustainability plan 
  8. Executive Summary presented after final coaching session